Town of Shippagan

Shippagan has all the charm of a seaside town. And, it is proud to be known as “New Brunswick’s Commercial Fishing Capital”.

In Shippagan, you can participate in the New Brunswick Fisheries and Aquaculture Festival, celebrate winter with the famous Ice Carnival, and in summer, visit the New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre or go fishing.

The Shippagan Campus of the Université de Moncton, the Laval-Goupil public library, the shows, the sports, the cultural and leisure activities, the community and association life and the area’s harmonious development all go into creating a rich and remarkable quality of life for the residents of this charming town on the Acadian Peninsula!


Visitor’s information

Université de Moncton – Campus de Shippagan
218 J.-D.-Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-3400

New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre
100 Aquarium Street
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-3013

New Brunswick Festival of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Piscine régionale à Shippagan
226-B Église Avenue
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-3523,150,472,0,html/Piscine-regionale

Studio Énergie Santé (training gym)
226 Église Avenue
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-0883

Seashore Trail
The Shippagan seashore trail, which runs from Pointe-Brûlée Street to the New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre, is an extension of the NB Trail circuit. On bike or on foot, nature lovers will be pleased to discover this 1.8 km trail.,150,476,0,html/Sentier-rivage

Acadian Peninsula Bookfair (Salon du livre de la Péninsule acadienne)

Restaurants and coffee

Dixie Lee
140 DeGrâce Street
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-2354

Greco Pizza Donair
211 J.-D.-Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-0888

Le Sub Royal
241 J.-D.-Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-9309

Me Linh Restaurant
245 J.-D.-Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-9494

Tazza Caffé
231 J.-G.-Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-2233

Reddy Chef
184 First Street
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-9158

Restaurant du Pavillon Aquatique
104 Aquarium Street
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-3110

Restaurant Saigon Maxim
148 First Street
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-9704

Restaurant Brise-Marine
172 First Street
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-2276

Restaurant Pizza Delight
285 J.-D.-Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-4774

225 J.-D.-Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-0880

Tim Hortons
204 J.-D.-Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-8394


Traffik Lounge
197 J.-D. Gauthier Boulevard
Shippagan, NB
(506) 336-4800


Pokemouche Golf Club
161 Golf Street
Landry Office, NB
(506) 727-3577

Town of Lamèque

Fishing and peat moss are the most important industries on the Island. Tourism also plays a major role, especially with the Acadian Peninsula Ecological Park, festivals and many great beaches on Lamèque and Miscou Islands.

From a tourist perspective, on top of activities hosted by the municipality. Lamèque and Miscou Islands are filled with fishing and hunting sites and many magnificent beaches. We can finally say that the Lamèque area is a great place to live and where you will always be welcome! (source:

Visitor’s information

Peat Moss Provincial Festival (in French only)

Lamèque International Baroque Music Festival

Acadian Peninsula Ecological Park

Miscou Island Lighthouse

Camping Lamèque
 237, chemin Gauvin
Petite-Lamèque (Nouveau-Brunswick) E8T 2N1
(506) 344-2525

Restaurants et cafés

Dixie Lee poulet frit Lamèque
27 Principale Street
Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-5347

La P’tite Friture (seasonal)
41 Pêcheur Nord Street
Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-2209

Pizza Amy (Dépanneur Lamèque)
89 Principale Street
Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-5448

Restaurant Café Central
58 Principale Street
Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-2233

Restaurant Desylva
23 Principale Street
Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-2284

Restaurant Au P’tit Mousse
5182 Route 113
Haut-Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-8005 et

Night Club

Salon-Bar Roue du Capitaine
34 Ruisseau Street
Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-5697

Target Range
440 des Serres Route
Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-7699

Driving Range
Haut Départ
393 Haut-Lamèque Route
Haut-Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-7288


Salon de Quilles Capri (open from October to April)
214 Pêcheur Nord Street
Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-5905

Quilles G Plus
5096 Route 113
Haut-Lamèque, NB
(506) 344-5290

Town of Le Goulet

This Acadian municipality bordering the Gulf of St. Lawrence is located in the centre of the Acadian Peninsula. Le Goulet was founded over 150 years ago and was the home to a Mi’kmaq community for many centuries. Nowadays, the main industry of this Acadian town is the inshore and midshore fishery.

Known as a coastal fishery playground, the Le Goulet municipality is proud to boast about its 5km of natural beaches accessible via the footpath located behind the municipal building. During the summer season, the footpath is a wildlife and marine flora interpretation centre. This is also where visitors can be entertained by local artists during the Sandcastle Festival.

Winter fans can also take advantage of trails accessible by foot or by all-terrain vehicles. Our winter carnival made a comeback a few years ago with many activities for everyone, especially children.

Come visit us at Le Goulet, where you will be welcome with open arms and fresh seabreeze.


Restaurants, cafés and bars

La Trappe à homard acadienne
45 Marcel Road
Baie-du-Petit-Pokemouche, NB
(506) 336-4449

Town of Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël

Sainte-Marie-Saint-Raphaël has a magnificent public sandy beach on the St. Lawrence Golfe. The site offers all the necessary amenities: campground, Restaurant Le Raphaël Sur Mer, free parking, men’s and women’s washrooms and showers, covered picnic tables, children’s playground, and gazebo for children’s birthdays and other special events. Come visit our facilities and enjoy our warm sandy beach on the St. Lawrence Golfe.

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